The 4 Killer Myths About POS System

Are there myths about POS systems? This question is clicking on your mind after seeing the title of this article. Naturally, you are familiar with myths in various community traditions. Most of these tales talk about a specific practice or even the origin of man.  Some of them are true according to people who developed them. In short, myths are just beliefs that lack enough facts to prove them.

If you didn’t know, new myths are developed each day. In this essence, from the time Point of sale system came into usage, modern myths have been operational about them. But how valid are they? Here is an explanation of the standard incorrect myths about POS system usage:

Myth #1: POS is just but bill processors

When merchants hear about selling point systems, the first idea that comes to their mind is a cash register.  Also, you might be a victim of the same thinking.  You may be of the view that a POS is just a place for processing customer bills when they place orders or purchase goods in your store. This concept is untrue. POS systems are not bill processors only. The system integrates other features such as customer relations management, inventory management, and accounting management.

Also, it can generate time to time reports about the functioning of your business. Besides, a POS system helps you to manage human resources through recording their working hours.  Hence, other than a bill processor, the point of sale system helps to facilitate your business operations and management.

Myth #2: Selling point system makes it difficult to manage your business

A significant number of Entrepreneurs beliefs that the usage of Point of Sale system in the store is the worst mistake one can ever commit. They argue that it makes hard to manage the business as you require experts to run the system and it is hard to obtain timely information for making business decisions.

 In contrary, selling point systems ease your business management. The system helps to record and store customer and vendors information which makes it easy for you to reach them without struggling. As well, it generates essential reports that enhance your decision making.  Furthermore, they are easy to operate, and you do not need experts to run them.

Myth #3: it is easier to find an old transaction on manual cashbook than on the POS system.

Well said and accurate statement. You think so? a misinformed person is the only one who can support this answer. Searching for an old transaction on the Point of sale system is as comfortable as writing 123 or ABCD. The system comes with an automated search where you only need to type simple details about the transaction you are searching, and it will be on display within seconds.

So assume you are searching for a transaction processed five years ago from the manual record. How long would you take? Finding the transaction on a POS system takes seconds if not milliseconds. 

Myth #4: You will lose data if you disconnect from internet while using cloud-POS system

One fear in any organization is losing crucial data. Imagine you are running a store and your internet disconnects immediately yet you had not saved the data. It is gone.  Fortunately, this is just a myth. When running a cloud-based POS system, your data is automatically saved. In case you experience an internet disconnect, your system automatically switches to offline mode.

 As such, you continue to process your data and save it. Once you connect back to the internet, the system updates your cloud data and stores it. Hence, with a POS system, your data remains secure whether you are working online or offline.

And that’s all you need to know about the POS system myths.